International Half-Marathon

Run Quebec City Series

Course Information

Course Information

Course description

The race takes place on the famous Parcours des Anses bike path.

Half-Marathon (21.1K)

The start of the 21.1K is next to the Lévis Convention Centre on J. B. Michaud Street. Participant will take the Boulevard Guillaume-Couture up to St-Joseph street where they will then get on the Parcours des Anses for the next 15 kilometers. The finish line is at the beautiful Juvénat Notre-Dame.

This is fast and very spectacular course!

Oasis 10K

The start of the Oasis 10K is close to Joliet Street and follows the path up to Jean-Huard Street for about 9K. The last kilometre is on Boulevard de la Rive-Sud, Chemin du Fleuve and Saint-Olivier Street to enter to grounds of the Juvenat.


The start of the 5K is on the bike path. Participants will follow the last 5K of the course.

Tanguay Kids Run

The start of the Tanguay Kids Run is on rue de l’Hébreux. Kids will join the bike path and follow the last 2K of the course.

Profile & Map

CLICK HERE for a PDF file of the map.

Oasis Half-marathon Profile


On the course, markers will be set out on the right side of the street to indicate every kilometer, in descending order.

Aid Stations


There is seven stations at about 2.5K from each other. Each will have water, the last six will have Gatorade.

For participants of the 21.1K, there will be Rekarb Energy Gel on the Station #5, which is about 8K before the finish line.

Toilets will also be available on all stations.

Vehicules Traffic

During the event, the streets taken by participants will be closed to traffic.

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