International Half-Marathon

Run Quebec City Series

Useful Information

Useful Information

Finish site

The finish site, for all events, is located on the grounds of the Junvénat.

Location of the Juvénat Notre-Dame of Saint-Romuald

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Participant transportation – Shuttle Site – Parking

All participants will be shuttled by bus to their respective starting line.

There is not a lot of parking around the finish line, so the shuttle site is located on 2nd Street, between the 1st and the 2nd avenue, in Saint-Romuald. Toilets will be available.
Click on the plan to see how to get there.


Transportation to the starting sites will be from 6:15 am to 7:15 am.
These buses are free and for PARTICIPANTS ONLY.

SHUTTLES TO AND FROM THE FINISH SITE     (Juvénat Notre-Dame de Saint-Romuald)

Shuttles between the 2nd street and the Finish Site will be running until 1:30 pm or more if needed.
These buses are free and for EVERYONE

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Starting Sites


The Half-Marathon start is on J. B. Michaud Street in Lévis. The starting site is at Lévis’ Convention Center, next to the Four Point Hotel. Participants will have access to the premises. Outside the hotel, toilets and water will be available.
CLICK HERE for a PDF map, easy to print.

Oasis 10K

The start of the Oasis 10K Race is on the cycling path, close to Rue Joliet. The starting site is on the grounds of the Saint-Joseph church. Toilets and water will be available.
CLICK HERE for a PDF map, easy to print.


The start of the 5K Race is on the cycling path, close to the Parc Nautique Lévy. Toilets and water will be available.
CLICK HERE for a PDF map, easy to print.

Tanguay Kids Run

The start of the Tanguay’s Kids Run starts on Rue de l’Hébreux.
A shuttle will leave from the Finish Site, the Juvénat Notre-Dame, at 10 h 40. It is free for the kids and the parents.
These shuttles will not go back to the Finish Site, parents getting on board will have to walk or run back with the kids.
CLICK HERE for a PDF map, easy to print.

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The will be corrals for the Oasis 10K.

  • Less than 50 minutes – RED corral
  • Between 50 and 55 minutes – YELLOW corral
  • Between 55 and 60 minutes – BLUE corral
  • Between 60 and 65 minutes – GREEN corral
  • More than 65 minutes – PURPLE corral

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Bag Check

Bag Check

At the starting site of the 21.1K, the 10K and the 5K, Purolator trucks will be available for participant to leave their personal belongings in a small bag. This bag must be clearly identified using the coupon given with your bib number. You can pick-up your bag at the finishing area. The trucks will be located in front of the Juvénat until 12:30 pm.

For a faster service, bags cannot exceed the following dimension:
18’’ x 10’’ x 8’’
. Also, bags must be closed, so they don’t empty out.

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The average weather for that period is around 11°C in the morning.

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