Descente Royale

Run Quebec City Series

Course Information

Course Information

Course description

The Descente Royale course is “point to point”.

The 10K race starts on Saphirs Street located north of the Royal Quebec Golf Club.

Participants then take Dunes Street, Notre-Dame, Résurgences, Montmorency, Royale Avenue, Vallée Street and des Chutes Boulevard.

Map & Profile

The Descente Royale course is 90 % downhill, from start to finish. The difference in level is 120 metres over 10 kilometers (1,2 %).

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On the course, markers will be set out on the right side of the street, in descending order, to indicate every kilometer.

Aid Stations

Water and toilets will be available at kilometer 2.5, kilometer 5 and kilometer 7.5.

Vehicules Traffic

During the event, the streets taken by participants will be closed to traffic.

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