SSQ Quebec City Marathon – Lévis / Québec

Circuit Courir à Québec

Fundraising Campaign

Fundraising Campaign

Official 2016 Organization

Accès-Loisirs Québec

This year, SSQ Financial Group, its employees and partners have chosen to support the cause of Accès-Loisirs Québec.
Accès-Loisirs Québec is an organization whose mission is to provide free access to sports, cultural and outdoor activities for people living on a low income.
Accès-Loisirs Québec
In partnership with a number of community, municipal and private organizations, Accès-Loisirs Québec gives people who are aged 0 to 99 and with a low income the opportunity to take part in activities and use recreational facilities at no cost, and does so with a guarantee of confidentiality. It’s a way for them to avoid isolation and participate fully in their neighbourhood community. Accès-Loisirs Québec plays an important role in breaking the barriers of social exclusion and fighting poverty. Solidarity, equity, accessibility, autonomy and respect for human dignity are fundamental values of the organization.

How to collect funds and Turning in the pledges

CLICK HERE to upload the form. Fill it out and bring it to the Fundraising booth to hand it out, along with the collected funds. Pledges must be turned in at the Sports and Fitness Expo Show while picking up your bib.

  •   Charitable receipts will be sent for pledges of $20 or more.
  •   Checks must be made to: " Accès-Loisirs Québec ".
  •   Pledges must be collected and turned in before August 27th, 2016, 6 pm .

Give a new life to your old sneakers!

Coin des coureurs

Established in Quebec City since 120 years, The Salvation Army is an organization that provides practical assistance to individuals and poor families without discrimination. Each year, The Salvation Army offers support and comfort to more than 110,000 Quebecers. In Quebec City, a hundred families receive weekly food and emergency clothing. In addition, La Maison Charlotte, our shelter for women, helps 300 residents per year, and l’Hôtellerie pour Hommes, nearly 900 individuals.

Sneakers collected during the SSQ Québec City Marathon will be redistributed to poor families and residents of the Salvation Army’s shelters. By giving your old sneakers, you are helping the environment by promoting the reuse of shoes and you provide practical assistance to a person in need. It’s a small thing that makes all the difference! On behalf of our clients and all those who have at heart helping poor people, thank you!
The Salvation Army, giving hope today!

Coups de coeur

The « Coups de cœur » pages presents runners and walkers who, in addition of taking part to one of the events of the Run Quebec City series, will raise funds for a charity.

CLICK HERE to see the SSQ Quebec City Marathon « Coups de Coeur » page.

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Associated Organizations

Many people take part to the SSQ Quebec City Marathon with the aim of amassing funds for a cause that is close to their heart.

This section identifies the organizations that, through runners and walkers, become associated with the event.

How to become an associated organization

  • Have at least five participants registered to one of the event of the SSQ Quebec City Marathon and who collects fund for your organization;
  • Identify one person who will be the contact for the SSQ Quebec City Marathon;
  • Agree to reveal to the marathon the amount of funds that was raised;
  • Contact the marathon by writing to

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List of associated organizations

Courir pour la vie :
Louis Vézina :

Linda St-Hilaire :

Fondation Chevalerie Passion :
Nicola Salomone :

Fondation des maladies du coeur de l’ACV :
Claudie Brisson :

Fondation SSS de la Vieille-Capitale :
Lucie Paradis :

Autohommie :
Claude Coté :

Fondation Eau Vive :

Lucie Leclerc :

Fondation du CHUQ :
Nathalie Noël :

Centre d’aide et de lutte contre les agressions à caractère sexuel :

Valérie Brancquart :

Armée du Salut :
Geneviève Gauthier :

Asthme et Allergies Québec :
Gervais Bélanger :

Groupe Champlain
Groupe Champlain
Lynda Treyz :

La Boussole :
Hélène Lévesque :

CALACS Chaudière-Appalaches :
Marie-Noëlle Tanguay :

Fondation de l’Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis :
Francis Kimpton :

Préma-Québec – Association pour les enfants prématurés :

Ginette Mantha :

Fondation québécoise du cancer :
Susan Bouchard :

Fondation Sourdine :
Sandra Ferguson :

Centre de Crise de Québec :
Marie-Christine Dubé :

Maison La Vigile :
Maud Patry :

Fondation de la Maison Michel-Sarrazin :
Annie Thomassin :

Espace Chaudière-Appalaches

Espace Chaudière-Appalaches
Diane d’Amours :

Leucan :
Catherine Anctil :

Association des grands brûlés F.L.A.M.
Stéphanie Paquette :

Ingénieurs sans frontières – Section Université Laval
Run to end Poverty
Étienne Bouchard :

Fondation IUCPQ
Geneviève Thibeault :

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