SSQ Quebec City Marathon – Lévis / Québec

Circuit Courir à Québec

Marathon, Half-marathon & Oasis 10K

Marathon, Half-Marathon & 10K         (Sunday, August 30th)

Course details & Profile

Course Description

The course is a “Point to Point”. Participants of the 42.2K start on the south shore, in Lévis, and finish in Old Quebec City, on the north shore. The course of the Half-Marathon and the Oasis 10K is the last 21.1 and last 10 kilometers of the Marathon course.

CLICK HERE for a full Street by Street description of the course.


Course of the Marathon, Half-Marathon and Oasis 10K Race
CLICK HERE to see a PDF format of the course map.


CLICK HERE to see a PDF format of the profile.

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Starting time

Starting time

     •   Half-Marathon : 7 h. Corrals will leave every 3 minutes.
     •   Marathon : 7:30 am.
     •   Oasis 10K : 9 h. Corrals will leave every 3 minutes.

Time limit

    NEW in 2014 – The time limit for the Marathon, the Half-marathon and the 10 KM is 6 hours.

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Transportation to the starts

The morning of the race

The morning of the race, participants will be transported to their respective starting site according to the following from the finish site near the Gare du Palais.

Transportation for the Marathon (42.2 K), Half-Marathon (21.1 K) and the Oasis 10K

    •   Marathon & Half-marathon : 5 am – 5:45 am.
    •   Oasis 10K : 6:30 am – 7:15 am.

Transportation fees

FREE for participants, on showing their bib on boarding the buses.

$7 for friends and family taxes included.
Available only for the 42,2 and the 21,1 starts; not available for the start of the 10K.

Tickets can only be bought at the Sports and Fitness Expo.
Tickets are not sold the morning of the races.

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Starting Sites & Finish Site

Starting Site of the Marathon

Marathon Starting Site - How to get there

The Marathon starting line is on J.-B. Michaud Street in Lévis.

The Marathon starting site is at Lévis’ Convention Center, next to the Four Point Hotel. Due to construction, participants WILL NOT have access to the premises. Outside the hotel, water, medical services, washrooms and Purolator trucks for personal belongings will be available.

For those who will choose to drive to the starting site, many parking spaces are available close by. However, no transportation will be available to get back there after the race. See the Runner’s transportation section for more information on how to get on the free shuttles.

If you wish to get there on you own, CLICK HERE for the instructions.

Half-Marathon Starting Site - How to get there

Starting Site of the Half-Marathon

The Half-Marathon starting line is on Chemin du Fleuve at the corner of Côte Rouge, in Saint-Romuald.

The starting site is located at the Anse Benson Park. At this site, water, washrooms, medical services and Purolator trucks for personal belongings will be available.

There are very few parking spaces close to the starting site, a 10 – 15 minutes walk might be necessary, therefore, it is not recommended to drive there. Furthermore, no transportation will be available to get back there after the race. It is strongly suggested to use the transportation offered by the organisation.

If you still prefer to drive, CLICK HERE for the instruction on how to get there.


Starting Site of the Oasis 10K Race

The Starting site is at the foot of Côte Ross and the Start line will be on Chemin du Foulon, next to the Quai des Cageux.

Note that the Boulevard Champlain will be FULLY CLOSED to all traffic from 6 am to 10 am, between Côte du Verger and the Domaine des Retraités, at the top of the boulevard.

For the part between Dalhousie and the Côte du Verger, traffic will be on one lane in both directions. Cars from the east will necessarily turn at du Verger. They will not be able to go to the Quai des Cageux. It is STRONGLY suggested to use the transportation offered by the organisation.

Participants who still wish to get there by themself, should do so by following the Route de l’Église, south, then Boulevard Liège. At the corner of Boulevard Liège and Côte Ross, participants will have to walk down the Côte Ross, a distance of 250 meters. CLICK HERE for a detailled plan.

Finish Site

The finish site, for all races, is on Saint-Paul street, near the famous Gare du Palais train station. After race activities are held in the park next to the station.

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How to get to the Finish Site

Here is a map pointing on the finish site:

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Parking around the Finish Site area

There is plenty of parking around the finish area. CLICK HERE to get a PDF map, easy to print.

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Aid Stations

Services of the course

#1 – 39.7
#2 – 37.4
#3 – 35.2
#4 – 32.7
#5 – 30.0
#6 – 27.7
#7 – 24.4
#8 – 21.4
#9 – 18.4
#10 – 15.2
#11 – 12.7
#12 – 10.0
#13 – 7.4
#14 – 4.7
#15 – 2.1

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Pace Bunnies

There are pace bunnies at the Marathon, the Half-Marathon and the Oasis 10K.

  • Marathon – 42.2K (continuous) : 03:15, 03:30, 03:45, 04:00, 04:15
  • Marathon – 42.2K (alternation) : 03:45, 04:00, 04:15, 04:30, 04:45
  • Half-Marathon – 21.1K (continuous) : 01:30, 01:45, 02:00, 02:15, 02:30
  • Half-Marathon – 21.1K (alternation) : 01:45, 02:00, 02:15, 02:30, 02:45
  • Oasis 10K (continuous) : 00:45, 00:50, 00:55, 01:00
  • Oasis 10K (alternation) : 00:50, 00:55, 01:00

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Bag Check

Bag Check

On every starting sites, Purolator trucks will be available for participants to leave their personal belongings in a small bag. This bag must be clearly identified using the coupon given with your bib number. You can pick-up your bag at the finishing area. The buses will be located after the finish line on Quai Saint-André street until 3 pm.

For a faster service, bags cannot exceed the following dimension:
18’’ x 10’’ x 8’’. Also, bags must be closed, so they don’t empty out.


No showers are available.

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