Staircase Challenge

Run Quebec City Series



Registration Fees

Online Registration

Open until Saturday, June 18th, 4:30 pm.

Race Before
March 1st
March 1st
to April 30th
May 1st
to June 16th
On-Site Registration
June 17th to June 19th
Super Challenge – 19K     $52   *       $62   *     $72   *              $90   **
Oasis Challenge – 13K     $52   *       $62   *     $72   *              $90   **
*   Online registration fees and Canadian taxes are NOT included.
** All included.

CLICK HERE to read the Fee Policy


Accepted Credit Card are Visa and MasterCard.

Entry fees are NOT REFUNDABLE and CANNOT BE DEFERED to another event or another year, no matter the reason.
Further more, in case of an emergency such as, but not limited to, severe weather or threat of terrorism, the Quebec City Staircase Challenge’s team, in accordance with the city officials and the law enforcement, have the authority to cancel any of the events.


There are 2 ways to register:

1 – Online Registration
2 – On-Site Registration

1 – Online Registration

Available until Saturday, June 18th, 4:30 pm.

1 –

Register with the EvenCour online registration system.

2 –

Once the payment accepted, an approbation page wil appear. Read it carefully.

3 –

An email will be sent in the following 5 to 10 minutes. It will include your bib number. Make sure to keep it.


NOTE: for “HOTMAIL” emails, make sure to look in the “Junk Folder”.

4 –

After 8 to 10 days, look up for your Entry Confirmation with the search engine at the bottom of this page. The registration data will have been sent to us and our database will have been updated. Your name and your bib number should be listed. If your name is not there, contact us at 418-694-4442.

Transaction fees will apply.

CLICK HERE to register Online with EvenCour.

2 – On-Site Registration

If bibs are still available, registration will be possible where bibs are being given out.

CLICK HERE for location and time.

Changing Race

Registered runners may change race if bibs are still available. A fee of $10 (CDN) applies.

Until Thursday, June 9th, 4 pm, call the office. You will be asked to email a written request.
Starting Friday, June10th, changing race will take place at Bib pick-up on June 17th, 18th and 19th at 8 am, depending on bibs availability.

Transfer from one person to another person

For the Quebec City Staircase Challenge, the last day to ask for a transfer is Thursday, June 2nd, 2016, at 4 pm.
CLICK HERE if you wish to transfer your registration to another person.

Fee Policy

Our policy is two prong:

Services provided – « The same fee for the same service! »

Entry fees are based on services provided rather than on kilometers covered, or on how they are covered (running or walking). The same fees apply for all participants because we offer the same services to each an every participant regardless of the distance covered.

Fairness for all participants

The majority of costs for organizing an event involves goods or services that are needed for all participants. For example, timekeeping, transportation, the public address system, security, the tents and other equipment at the finish line, the entry forms, the website, posters, promotion and the like.

It seems only fair to ask each participant to pay equal share of these expenses, since they are for the good of all and for the success of the event regardless of the distance each individual covers.

Therefore, at the Quebec City Staircase Challenge, if you run or walk the 19K or the 13K, entry fees are the same for everyone.

Entry & Bib Confirmation

The Entry & Bib confirmation process is done in two steps: Search & Identify

Step 1 – SEARCH

  •  Enter the required information in search module;

  •  Click on SEARCH. If the search engine doesn’t appear, please CLICK HERE

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