Trail du Coureur des Bois

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If you wish to make the most of your visit to Duchesnay Station, you may like to stay in a little cabin with your friends or family. Or, if you prefer to have more comfort, you can book an hotel room directly on the site.

On the accommodation part, you can get a 15% off when you show your bib number when you arrive at the reception.

For example, to rent the cabin #14 (Bécassine) for 2 nights for 8 people, you will have to pay only 493$ instead of 580$ (plus taxes). Per person, it will then cost you 30.81$ per night (you must add the taxes GST, QST and accommodation tax)

To book online, go to and find the Reserve Online rectangular. Then, choose between Hotel or Cabin and follow all the instruction.










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