Trail du Coureur des Bois

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Course Information

Course Information

Course Description

The course of the Trail du Coureur des Bois takes places at the picturesque Duchesnay Resort. The start is on the site of the Resort and goes along the Sentier National, the cottages and all other rustic buildings.

Oasis Short Trail – 8K

The Oasis Short Trail goes through the 55-56-57 & 54 trails and ends at the Caribou building. Be careful, roots, tree trunks, small wooden bridges are in abundance and can give you a hard time… even to the most experience runners. The landscape, the small animals and the nature will take your breath away!

Long Trail – 18K

For those who venture into the Long Trail, you will follow the same route as the Oasis Short Trail, except that you will leave the small loop at La Halte, to fork in the # 58 trail. You can easily follow the route with the red and white marks on the trees. You will have to go up for about 2K and then slowly wind you way down. On your way, there even more obstacles such as streams, rocks and trees. You will need to stay alert! Around the 8K, you will come across the path used in winter for skiing. It is wider but not necessarily easier. It will take you back at La Halte and then back on the small loop. The finish line is the same as the Oasis Short Trail.

Tanguay Kids Trail – 1.5K

The Tanguay Kids Trail is a loop that follows the first kilometer of the Long and Short Trail and back to the finish line.

Map of the course

Course Map

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On the course, markers will be set out to indicate every two kilometers, in descending order.

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Aid Stations

Water, energy drink and toilets will be available on the course.

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