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Fundraising Campaign

Fundraising Campaign

Participants are invited to raise money for Dysphasie Québec.

Dysphasie Québec

Dysphasie Québec is first and foremost an association of parents and people who are affected by the dysphasia. Since 1990, Dysphasie Québec has kept up with its mission: to demystify dysphasia, to help people living with this invisible handicap to overcome their communication difficulties on a day-to-day basis and to favor their social integration.

Dysphasia is:
    •    Life-long language disorder.
    •    Neurologic disorder affecting 7 children out of 100, to whom communication is hard or almost impossible with their entourage.
    •    Different from one person to another.
    •    Trouble to communicate clearly (what to say, when and how).
    •    Trouble understanding what is said and non-verbal language as well.
It becomes hard to:
    •    Keep up in a conversation, understand instructions and jokes.
    •    Have friends and keep up with them.
    •    Learn daily tasks.
    •    Adapt to new situations.
    •    Get to know themselves and build up self esteem.

All thanks to you!
We will carry on with our dedicated activities for the development of people of all ages having dysphasia. We will go on giving our support to families and their surroundings, and demystify dysphasia within the community. Thus, we will facilitate the integration of those intelligent and persevering people who wish to get more involved in our community. Your generosity will allow people with dysphasia to get services to support them throughout their lives.

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